The Tao of New Orleans: power vibrations

Audiotablet for demolition

182 - The tao of New Orleans Cover.jpeg

Expose and reclaim

The 182nd album by Even Better Lark is a collection of vibrations, a rebuttal against stagnant energies and negative forces. Forces against Love.

This is the most yoga relevant topic today because yoga is a healthful practice, and to get full benefits, the energetics of your life and relationships should be holistically assessed.

There are many levels to our being; energy fields are real. Auric fields are real. Neglecting flow, leaks and toxicity in your life add to the problem and steal the healthful benefits of your practices.

Listen to The Tao of New Orleans: a call to action, vibrations to expose negativity, evil, stagnation and corruption. Cut ties with toxic people, reclaim your power. Intensify reiki / energetic practices, meditation; set energetic (and sometimes physical) boundaries; set intentions. Tao of New Orleans challenges you harness the power of Love to experience rebirth, which comes only after complete annihilation.

Matthew Gooden