Symphonic Rest. Long tones. Sonic massage.

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A thoughtful, futuristic album from Even Better Lark

Symphonic Rest is an album that guides you into a space to think, to listen, to feel. At times lighthearted, other times profound, this album intrigues the restless mind with its expansiveness and meticulous intricacies. Begins with so much space by way of long tones, ends with an avant garde track to get you up and moving.

Sound Therapy is scientifically proven to have healing effects on the mind and body (click to read a New York Times article about it)

Long tones are featured in almost all the songs in this album, so even if a track is upbeat and energetic, the long tones underneath can help your mind be still, slow your breathing, and reduce your heart rate. These physical effects lead to lower levels of stress hormones, and drop you out of sympathetic (fight or flight!) into the parasympathetic (Netflix & chill!) nervous system.

In short, listening to the Symphonic Rest album is like getting a sonic massage.

Track feels:

Internal Relevance: light hearted, positive, upbeat

Sunset Crest: pensive, thoughtful, meditative

Industrial Toys: profound, spacious, contemplative

Selective Membranes: same as above

Breaking Governance: sounds like a busy morning sunrise of technology and entrepreneurship then turns into some digital thriller towards the end

Some Syrup: get up and moving, catch a second wind and finish strong

Learn more about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems with this video by Alila Medical Media-support them on Patreon!  ©Alila Medical Media. All rights reserved.

Matthew Gooden