Entrepreneurship: for gym days

109 - entrepreneurship cover.JPG

An audio tablet for energy

More like a matcha latte than a shot of espresso, Entrepreneurship is an album that gives just the right amount of support to help you keep going.

“Couldn’t Pay Me to Be Different” makes a statement and leaves you asking questions.

“F What You Think”: enhances smooth energy flow, like a constant stream of sound.

“Mama’s Confused”: heavy tech vibes but also melodic & improv keys, confronts you with the reality of daily grind.

“Line Up”: tech but spacious then suddenly explodes! Keys floating above and beyond.

“Isn’t Gonna Be Anybody”: great for intense compressions, reps at the gym, settling into the pain to break boundaries.

“Cut Up”: a smooth jam that has industrial elements but also space to be sexy. Towards the end splashes and winds down to relaxed, sweet release.

”Bubble Bath” encourages you to keep going.

“Reset Button” is a deep breath.

“You Fake You Fony” is airy feeling of floating, carefree baller energy.

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Matthew Gooden