Directly Indecisive is yoga relevant.


Directly indecisive is adversely correlative.

Discover more super charged energy flow in life with Even Better Lark’s latest album

Three tracks to take your practice to another level.

Opens with “Marksfemship”, great for Surya Namaskar, warm-up, stretching and overall getting ready vibes. Explosion of energy towards the end of the track intensifies yoga session. Great for upward and outward energy flow.

Track two is the title track. If the first track is about the effort of getting to yoga class, and the joy of arrival, then this track represents dedication , what happens after the fanfare. Expecting it to be hard, making peace with that. It’s about the grind. Great for vinyasa flow.

Track three, “Sweet Endeavor”, maintains that vinyasa flow peak pose energy. Also good for kickboxing, training, gym days, running, any activity with upward and outward direction. Pushes you past the finish line. Challenges you past your expectations.

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Matthew Gooden