Departure to the North


an android band with a new Apple relevant new sound.

The trauma sensitive works of new android sensation Even Better Lark are connected to big nature, just like Mount Shasta.

Departure to the North Audio Tablet

The root chakra is where everything begins. If you’re just covered up in anxiety nothing will ever come of your goals, if they even exist. For these reasons , this song the album “The Observer” is important to listen to. Root chakra is connected to feeling grounded and security.

Root chakra represents feeling okay and belonging.

Feel safe and access safety - my Shasta chakra is the root chakra of the world.

Learn about Shavasana Music.

Shavasana is important to health.

There is fear lingering in the media but does anyone tell anyone how to deal with fear directly ?

Our music can help you with that.

Shavasana is very important to the health of the root chakra.

Matthew Gooden