"Call for Consciousness" : solace in Nature

All beings need to commune with nature daily for optimal health

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Nature knows what we need.

Everyone living in the digital age is connected, sure, but to what, to whom? Did you connect yourself or were you connected to?

Now more than ever, we all need to make sure we spend time going back to the root of it all: Mother Earth.

The more we dwell in urban/suburban environments, the farther we can stray from Nature, which is truly the Source (at least for our physical bodies). To forget our origin is to lose ourselves.

So, feel grass between your toes. Go to the beach. Spend quiet time with Nature, breathe. Find your center.

For a quick Nature fix anytime, or if you are unable to go outside, try listening to “Call for Consciousness”, offering the same peace you’d experience in a park.

Matthew Gooden