Run the gamut with Atlantic Eureka

Atlantic Eureka is an album that comes full circle, slaying in the middle.

Atlantic Eureka track art.JPG

Atlantic Eureka is diverse.

1. Mist Melt”: Opens so spacious, light, yet also somber. Good for méditations on death and dying and shavasana. Could also be geological music it sounds like the magnetism of earth, like tectonic plates moving. Slow, deep, inescapable.

2. “Corporate Snakes and Ladders”: Could trip people out without proper notice. So heads up: this music is fire, music for fighting demons to. It’s like an emergency that doesn’t end. Dark yoga.

3. “Atlantic Eureka”: Suspiciously upbeat—surface seems upbeat but what lies beneath? Youthful, outward energy, sounds like doing an inversion.

4. “Pipes and Cords”: Shavasana sounds, quiet bass start. Opposite of last 2 tracks, rounds out the whole album because it’s more like track 1 energy. Deep. Inescapable.

This is an album for the entire range of human emotion. Listen on bandcamp today—

Matthew Gooden